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Our Vision: 

From Training to Opportunity!

RonyaManArts (RMA) is a production & a consultation company in the creative arts.

RMA engages in Directing, Producing and Casting for Film and Stage, Training and Workshops, and Talent Grooming and Management. 


Ronya Man Arts was established first and foremost to celebrate the performing arts in Nigeria. It was founded by Creative Arts Specialist, Ronya Man.


Our life goal is to empower thespians into growing personally and professionally and fuel young artists to follow their dreams.

"There is more to acting

than just carrying out actions."

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“I loved your last tip, I did it and I smiled... The last director I worked with for Cobhams' new video gave me a thumbs up and was really impressed."

@Delroynorman - Nollywood Actor

“We absolutely loved the actor you casted for us!"

Omoni Oboli - Nollywood Director 

“The actors you sent us were great."

Ijeoma Agu Grace - Nollywood Producer

More from our students

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