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Ronya Man

 Producer, Actress, Director, Acting Coach

Creative Arts Specialist, MD For Ronyamanarts Ltd.

Bridging Worlds Through Film.

Theatre and Screen trained Actress, Director & Producer, with schooling in Film, Music and Science, Founder of Ronyamanarts Training and Productions Ltd., Ronya Man is

a multi-talented and visionary Israeli whose journey within the Nigerian cinema has marked several mile stones in the industry, from directing to producing, fostering international training platforms, collaborations and finance opportunities for Nigerian filmmakers, coaching Nigerian actors and, producing the first Nigerian-Israeli co production, opening a new chapter for filmmaking in Nigeria. 

With expertise in film, TV, theatre, and digital media for over 7 years in Nollywood alone, on all sides of the camera, and 

6 years of co-producing the acclaimed Realtime International Film Festival in Lagos,

she has also featured in several Nigerian cinema blockbusters and TV hit shows.   
Man is a shifter, a talent groomer and an advocate in Nollywood.

Passionate about telling compelling stories that educate, entertain, and connect global audiences. Bridging the world through film.

Of recent, Man is also engaged in many industry panels around the world about the Nigerian cinema, a.k.a. Nollywood.   

Prior to, Man practiced her Bs.c. in Environmental engineering designing & identifying environments suitable for use of sustainable energy and efficient agricultural systems.

Man is a happily married mother of two boys, a believer in realising dreams, in constant learning, that nothing is unachievable, and that we can always surpass ourselves.

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