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One on one coaching

Are you trying to get your break into Nollywood? Need to prepare for a big film role? Need to impress the director? Not sure you can pull it off? Got a big audition coming? In one session you can get right to where you want to be. The pace is entirely up to you.


Online classes

Online classes were specially created to enable actors have access to their coaching irrespective of where they are and where they need it. It is perfect for actors who are working on set, preparing for an audition, living far off, or simply setting goals.

How It Works:

Book a time slot for your online acting session whenever it suits you. Your class will be via zoom or whatsapp video, depending on your network capabilities.  

Audition Tapes

Casting Directors worldwide are asking for audition tapes more often now (even before Covid, and more so since). This is because it saves everyone a whole lot of time and money, yet gives an immediate impression of how the actor will be seen on screen. Plus a long list of benefits including more roles and opportunities, internationally as well, without standing for hours in line.

Acting for directors

Tap into the actors mind to get what you need from them in no time.

Saving on number of takes on set,  is saving money and time, but often hard to achieve. 

Get the TOOLS you need to connect FAST with your actors and get them to do what you need.

Interested? then contact us now.

Voice and Pronunciation class

How do you properly say hustle, hostel and subtle? How do you pass for roles in blockbusters like Chief Daddy or Castle & Castle and TV and radio presentations?

It is our goal to help you perfect your English so that you can achieve your goals and ambitions. To join the class simply click on the book a session button

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